Im facing problem with web objects class.. let me explain clearly..

Im using silktest 7.6..

A week before i learned an HTMLpushbutton object "Login" and executed the script it ran successfully, but now silktest is showing that "Login" button is HTMLHeading class (in window declaration wizard). tried Click method with htmlheading, tool is clicking some where in page not the login button and also tried htmlpushbutton but clicking somewhere not the button...

i checked the code of that website, login button is declared under html submit button only.

Not only with the button, htmltextfields are now identified as htmltext by silk test. but used settext method successfully to fill the editboxes. even some links caption are identified as htmlheading but actually they are coded as htmllinks.

pls let me know is the problem is with the tool... do i need to use any patch to resolve this.