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    refreshing system tray

    I want my silktest script to kill processes like msn messenger and yahoo messenger.That is done through batch file

    But the icons(of msn messenger) remain in system tray(windows taskbar)even after killing the process

    Is there any way to refresh system tray in silktest?.Can we use any windows API for this ?(I do not want to move mouse pointer over taskbar which may give sometimes errrors)

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    Re: refreshing system tray

    Try sending F5 to it with TypeKeys()
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    Re: refreshing system tray

    sending F5 will not refresh the system tray

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    Re: refreshing system tray

    You could try window.MoveMouse().
    Dan Brandow

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    Re: refreshing system tray

    Why not write routines that will seek out the systray icon, and close it that way - with the menu choices. That would make the icon go away.

    Otherwise, generally moving the mouse over the system tray will remove the items, so using the mouse move over the coordinates perhaps would work.

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    Re: refreshing system tray


    As I said i am using windows.movemouse method now.But it gives sometimes exceptions

    Is there any windows api ,I can use through silktest, to send a message to system tray that the process no longer exists?



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