I am automating a java client server application.
Scripts are written for the installing the application and login n uninstallation.
All neccessory extensions are enabled.
Copied the SilkTest_Java3.jar file and also the qapjconn.dll and qapjarex.dll files with the access3.prop names as accessibility.properties.

The scripts are executing without error for installation and login seperately, but together they are failing.
we feel there is some extension problem.
Installer script worked properly if extension set through options/extensions. But the Login script doesn't wotk.
If the extension is enabled through programs/borland/silk test R2/extension enabler,installation script doesnt work but the login script works.

Also when added new extension enabler, the two java application rows appear at extension enabler window.
Which we are not able to remove once it is added and also there is no way to recognize which javaw.exe file it is pointing.

It shows contineously the two java application rows appear at extension enabler window when opened through options/extensions.

If any one knows the soluntion mail me at hemangi_torgalli@yahoo.co.in ASAP.

<font color="blue">Thanks In Advance, <font color="blue"> </font>