Hi Folks,

I have a pretty big script for embedded browser, which was running for about last 2 years. I've added my .exe file at the Extensions box and also at Extension Enabler box, So Silk can see it. And I mentioned the .exe as ie4ocx extension. I was using Silk 7.0 so far but smart me decided to install 7.6 and the problem starts though I reverted to 7.0 with a clean installation of Silk, the problem is, Silk can launch my application but when my app calls the embedded browser it can't see the page, 2 out of 10 times Silk can recognize the embedded browser page but most of the time it can't see the page. My embedded browser is based on IE 5.0. I can use 'IEDOM' as the extension but then I've to write the whole script again. I would like to keep the same script based on ie4ocx. Does anyone know why Silk can load the extension sometime and can't load the extension most of the time. I also have checked the Extensions option for the Agent, it said bothe IE and ActiveX are loaded though Silk can't recognize the embedded page. Any help will be greaty appreciated. Thanks