I am running into problems trying to get data from one browser window, using GetText for example, and setting that data in another window, using SetText.

I would like to do this within one testcase, so that my data can be kept in local variables or preferably transferred directly, such as "Window1.Name.SetText(Window2.Name.GetText ())". Silk cannot switch between the two windows to do this. So I resorted to running one testcase to capture all my data, saving it in global variables, then using a separate testcase to set that data.

Now I am running into problem switching between the two browser windows because entering a testcase resets the application to the DefaultBaseSate, defined by wMainWindow. I can only set one wMainWindow, therefore one of my testcases is bound to fail since it is never reset to its own BaseState, giving the wrong window.

Defining a TestCaseEnter () that loops through a list of window does not work either because the last wMainWindow will always be equal to the last window in the list.

Any ideas on how I might be able to do this seemingly simple data transfer task ?