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    Error: Internal error in agent - AppId * not found

    Hi Everyone.

    We currently run our test plans from a batch file so SilkTest restarts before each test plan

    Each plan has a similar setup routine. The setup routine for the first few plans run file. Then for some reason the setup routine ends up raising the following error for the next few plans (testcase after the Setup routine run file, we sometimes just use setup routine to print some basic info):

    [ ] *** Error: Internal error in agent - AppId 848 not found
    [ ] Occurred in Exists

    This functionality exists in our TestCaseEnter function. The basics are
    If (!Browser.Exists())

    if ( Browser.Exists(iLongTO) && !NavisphereManager.Applet.Exists() ) ...
    This is where the error gets raised.

    When I rerun the setup it works fine.
    We are using SilkTest 7.5 Testing a Java Applet in IE 6.

    I Just reinstalled Silk on this machine since all was fine in the past and on other machines (i think)

    I was just wondering if anyone has seen this problem and can give me some insight on what the issue might be and how to resolve it.


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    Re: Error: Internal error in agent - AppId * not found

    Try separating the compound statement into two separate lines, so you can at least determine which call is causing the error.

    Sometimes a well-placed Sleep (2) will solve this problem.



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