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Thread: Executing files

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    Executing files

    How to execute file n silk test? Explain with script....


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    Re: Executing files

    To execute an exe the code should be like this

    [-] window MainWin DummyWindow

    [ ] const sDir = "C:\"
    [ ] const sCmdLine = "C:\setup.exe"

    [-] Execute()
    [-] if (!DummyWindow.Exists(5))
    [ ] DummyWindow.Start(sCmdLine,sDir,null,0)


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    Re: Executing files

    Thanks for reply,

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    Re: Executing files

    Hi Priyal,
    But I dont need to execute exe file, I want to to execute another script file from one script file


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    Re: Executing files

    Maybe it would help us answer you if you explained the situation why you would want a script" to execute another script. There are probably easier ways to do it.

    You can have a single .t script that has multiple testcase(s) in it. Then you can put a 'main()' function in the .t script and have calls to each of the testcases in it.

    Or maybe you should break your scripts up into functions or methods and call them that way from your testcases.

    Either way, hope it helps.

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