I'm trying to use the DB_Functions to pull back the results of a custom database function. The function returns results within a refcursor. This refcursor, when 'opened', contains about 10 columns (string and number).

The problem I have right now is getting SilkTest to understand that the sql:
select cust_api.get_data_func('1234','Y_TOT',to_date('09/30/2005','mm/dd/yyyy'),to_date('09/30/2005','mm/dd/yyyy')) from dual

returns a resultset. I need to be able to handle the resultset to get at the data.

I am not allowed to create or use temp tables (that rules out using the SQL to dump the result set in a table - which SilkTest can easily pick up).

This is an Oracle 9i database and I am currently using SilkTest 7.5. The problem arises in the DB_FetchNext() call - I have tried using both Microsoft and Oracle ODBC drivers for the DSN - but to no avail.

Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.