I would love to hear any suggestions on how to manage detailed manual tests with automated tests. We are currently filling out a test plan in Silk Test with Automated scripts, but do not have detailed manual tests identified in the plan. We would like to link manual tests to the plan so that we can take advantage of Silks reporting, but we have found the manual keyword a little light on features

We are toying with creating detailed manual tests with the intent of later going back and writing scripts for tests that would be more efficient automated. As a team we would cover the entire site and fill out a form for each test using headings like these:

Test Name:
Test Category:
Test Type:
Not Tested:
Expected Results:

Any tests that can be automated would be and the left over tests would remain manual. The advantage here would be that the tests would contain enough information to run manually or act as a script spec.

So, the problem we are running into now is how do we link the manual testcases and use the reporting features of Silk?