I've recently started converting our test plans to run on Windows 2000 with SilkTest 5.0.3 and I have a quick qestion that maybe some of you can help me with.

The new Windows Explorer on Windows 2000 (not Internet Explorer) no longer has the caption 'Exploring - XXXX' on it. Instead, you have the option of either having ONLY the full path displayed as the caption or just the folder name displayed as the caption. With both captions now displaying information that is dynamic in nature (with
no static caption for the tag to zero in on), has anyone got a suggestion on what the tag should be for the Windows 2000 Explorer
declaration? Currently it creates '[DialogBox]folder/path text' as
the tag but using '[DialogBox]*' as the tag is too open to causing potential problems with window declarations from the product under test. Using the window ID doesn't help at all. Any suggestions?

Any help would be mucho appreciated!