I've searched through all SilkTest related questions regarding comboboxes & the SilkTest turorials and not seen an answer to my current problem.

In a Java (JFC) Application, I've got a comobox box for capturing the State of a business.

In the model for the combobox, the text will show "Tennessee", but the actual value contains "TN". This is stored in a ComboBoxModel that contains multiple NameValue objects that represent the name/value pairs. The NameValue object has a toString() call so that the text portion shows in the combo.

How to you retrieve the value using a SilkTest method?

I've tried several method calls, but none of which return the value I need.

Examples of what I've tried w/o success:

print("state.text = " + window1.State.GetText())
print("state.value = " + window1.State.GetValue())
print("state.contents = " + window1.State.GetContents())
// ... then iterating through the list of contents ...

Any pointers on what to try next?