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    Verify the content s of Web page

    Can any one help me how should I verify the content of web page .I am testing portal
    page and need to verify wether the content subscribed is correct

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    Re: Verify the content s of Web page

    What does content has? Please describe more. Such as Text, Image, Link, Objects etc.
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    Re: Verify the content s of Web page

    Try using the Verification page while recording. You can select the objects and properties of those objects that you want to verify. Or you can use the Verify function and create a similar thing yourself. For some things in the HTML page that aren't visible you may have to have the script read the source of the page and verify further things that way.

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    Re: Verify the content s of Web page

    With the little experience I have with Portals based AUTs, I assume you are referring to verification of modules/widgets/content sets inside of each of these modules.

    If that is true, then in my experience, I have found the verification to be unrealistic to automate as it is easier done visually than through automation.

    If your organization still insists on doing it, you need to layer your verification based on the architecture of the AUT - i.e.

    Browser->Number of pages on the portal->Number of modules on each page->Content set in each module.

    I don't believe there is a simple answer to your query and not knowing much about your AUT I might risk sounding discouraging but that is entirely MHO.


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    Re: Verify the content s of Web page

    Yup, I agree with Shree.. I advocate using Verify function only for specific properties, not to verify the whole content or n^n properties... Like the one that is recorded by the TestCase recording wizard for Window Verification.

    Automation should start only after the GUI is stable enough. Before this stage Manual verification would be faster, and once these bugs get fixed the likelyhoood of regression for GUI props in pretty low.
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    Re: Verify the content s of Web page

    It's all true if you are testing on one OS and one language.

    If you test on multiple OS and language UI automation is still very worthwhile (it depends how well you can abstract the localized strings). It depends what are the requirements. UI mapping is a pain (overhead and maintenance) that we all agree no matter if it's worthwhile or not [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Verify the content s of Web page

    Hi All,
    Thanks for your reply,
    The portal page contains allmost all the
    content like links image or word content i need to verify wether the content stored in my page is corect or not.

    Please let me know if anybody tried testing with portal.


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    Re: Verify the content s of Web page

    A lot of people in here have tested a web site before.

    Have you done any testing with SilkTest on your portal yet? Do you have a problem you want to discuss?

    SilkTest can do web site (or portal) testing.
    You should start trying something (it takes 5 min to find out if SilkTest is up to the task). If you don't even have SilkTest at hand then it's gonna be hard to speculate what it can do or not for you.

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    Re: Verify the content s of Web page

    I am getting familar with Silk but if you people have some way to find out how store value of content and compare at run time.

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    Re: Verify the content s of Web page

    The easiest way is to record a testcase and when you get to the page you want to verify, press the keys Ctrl and Alt together, as the testcase recording wizard dialog says.

    A window will come up where Silk will allow you to state whatever verifications you need to have.

    Perhaps you can take it forward from there?
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