Taken from SilkTest email list:

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Hi , Silk friends:

Good day!

In my silk script, I try to close two identical window in
sequence (two Dos windows each with the same Identifier
(C:\Winnt\System32\CMD.exe)) ,

I use Desktop.getchildren() to get a list of all windows on
desktop, then for each string (sTemp) in the list, use
substr(sTemp, 19,3) to find these 2 windows with "CMD" string

But when I find the first window (I use variable wWin, which has
identifier as C:\Winnt\System32\CMD.exe2)

then I try to use wWin. Click(1, 10,-10) to open the system

menu but silk can't find it

then I change the above command to use wWin(1,647 ,-10) to click

on the close button at the right corner, it still doesn't do


Does anyone has the similiar issue before?

Thank you for taking your time for this issue,

e-mail: jger@joymail.com

I have your answer:

Don't use Click locations, use :

DialogBox("Command Prompt").SysMenu.Maximize.Pick ()

Or DialogBox("Command Prompt").SysMenu.WhatEverOptionYouWant.Pick ()

DialogBox("Command Prompt").SysMenu.Close.Pick ()


AJ Alhait
BetaSoft Inc.