There are two problems that I have.

OS: window xp pro sp2
silktest: 7.5 (do have a copy of 2006 R2 but problems are consistent)

1. I want to click "Don't Send" button on Error Report that shows up after a software's crash. But the Error Report window doesn't have a "unique" tag name. However, the window is recognized as a EmlDialogBox which is a custom winclass that my company made long time ago. So, any suggestions?

2. I want to stop the Silk Test when a Crash happens. But when the software freezes the Silk test locks the mouse cursor and doesn't move forward to the next "action". It just stays frozen. The crash of the software should be taken care of soon, but if it happens again, Silk Test won't stop.
So.. any suggestion of getting out of a state which is "frozen"

Thank you,