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    sending emails to the user

    I am trying to send email including my log file(which is in .txt) to the user after completion of my script execution. Can anyone tell me how to send a mail to the users in SilkTest.


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    Re: sending emails to the user

    there is no built-in way to send email via SilkTest. I recommend using BLAT. Check out www.blat.net. It is a command-line based application that is easy to use and works on any OS. I'm sure if you search this forum you will find more info about it.


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    Re: sending emails to the user

    We use blat as well if I am not wrong and it's a great tool and it has source code, if you hate using SYS_Execute then wrap a simple DLL for blat or just the core email sending part.

    Checkout http://blat.net/examples/batch.html



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