Hi All,

I need to run my tests for a Java application on multiple target machines. For instance 2 NT machines named "client1" & "client2". I'm using the following multitestcase to run the test parallelly:
Problem: The problem I'm facing is, my two of the target machines have the product as well as "JDK" installed under different directories. So if I'm using MyAppFrame.inc which has defined sDir, sCmdLine, sClasspath constants to invoke the application in "client1" target, I cannot run the same test parallelly on "client2" as it cannot find the path & classpath for the application.

The same problem occurs in case if I want to run my tests parallelly on one NT(path has back slashes) & other Solaris(path has front slashes) machine.

Question: Is there a way to specify these arguments at run time depending upon the machine that it uses & not defining these constants in the main window declaration, in the frame file?

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