App tested is written in Powerbuilder
Silktest 7.5

Hi All,

I am currently writing a class library. I have several classes that derive from the same silktest classes (childwin and dialogbox). I am trying to use dynamically instantiated windows because the application I am testing may open an indeterminate number of windows that appear the same to silktest. I want to be able to pass the dynamically instantiated window to my library users and let them name it whatever they want:

winclass myFind : Dialogbox

window Find
Find = MyWin.FindOpen()

Using tags and "setting DontInheritClassTag" will only make one derived class be recognized and recognizes all ancestor class as the derived class, but I have several classes that derive from DialogBox. So now, the Find window is recognized by the class and the tag (since it's dynamically isntantiated). The class of Find would be DialogBox. I have tried a couple of methods and could not get any of them to work:

1) Using GenerateDecl() to get the declaration, change the declaration from DialogBox to MyFind,
name it MyFind# (where # is the index of MyFinds open) and throw it into a .inc file. But, I could not get silktest to recognize the declarations in the .inc file at runtime.

2) Getting the window ID (DialogBox("tag")) as a string, changing the string to MyFind("tag") and then using the @String to pass it back to the user, but now silktest raises an error and says the window is not defined.

Is there a way to either 1) make silktest recognize the derived classes I have or 2) make silktest not raise an error and just do what I want it to do (since the window does exist and is just recognized as a different class).

Any help with either of the two problems above or a suggestion of how I should implement what I am trying to do would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.