In my Java Applet when I try to make a declaration for the column header of a table, Table gets identified as JavaJFCTable and the header seems to come under JavaJFCPageList. (within this, there is a separate JavaJFCTable declaration - that is of no use to my script)

My requirement is to change the width of a particular column of the table. But in this case, as table column header is not getting recorded properly, it is not identifying it as an element of the table. But Window.Table.GetColumnName(<col.number&gt returns the column name properly. (Don't know how this discrepancy is available?)

Please someone over the forum, do let me know - if you have come across such scenario or some workarounds you followed for such a scenario.

Hopefully expecting someone to come up with solution. [img]/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]