In my application there are lot of places where Custom Win Rctrl_renwnd321 is present now my problem is that only for two places I want to map this custom class to StaticText class but I can't do that globally using class map because that will map this Custom Class to StaticText for whole application. So how to map this class to StaticText only for specific place?

I have tried agent option
[ [ ] lsTemp = {"rctrl_renwnd32=StaticText","TaskHeader=StaticTex t","_WwG=TextField","REComboBox20W=TextField"}
[ ] Agent.SetOption (OPT_CLASS_MAP, lsTemp)
[ ]
[ ] sTaskHeader = UntitledTask.AfxWndA1.DialogBox1.Rctrl_renwnd321.R ctrl_renwnd321.GetText ()
[ ] print ("After Mapping")
[ ] print (sTaskHeader)

here I am getting error "*Task*" is not found which I am using as a Tag to identify UntitledTask window but I am not getting this error when I removed Agent.SetOption statement.

So how to acheive this?