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    Which editor you use while coding

    Feature of SilkTest Partner.exe is so poor, Which editor you use while coding? I found the SourceInsight can Custom Language, But I'm not familiar with that, So can any one suggest a Editor for me?
    It better have ability of auto-complete, Sync HighLighting, and can search reference or prototype of a function
    Thanks in advace

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    Re: Which editor you use while coding

    SilkTest has auto-complete

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    Re: Which editor you use while coding

    I know SilkTest has auto-complete, but that editor is not very perfect, some times, I select a function name, and type "F12", but it can not locate the function prototype, and it has no way to find which code referenced this function in the scripts.

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    Re: Which editor you use while coding

    What version of SilkTest are you running? I am on 7.5 and it seems to be pretty good with finding my methods and functions with [F12]. Although, we can get the Silk Editor to crash regularly using [F12] on variables such as fields in a record.

    There is also the 'Functions' folder on the Global project tab to locate functions.

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    Re: Which editor you use while coding

    I've found that if you compile too many .inc files, F12 does not work. I used to have a frame.inc file that would list all of my .inc files and include the frame.inc file in the use files field in runtime options. Now I just have 'use' statements that are necessary for the particular .inc file. That seems to have fixed the issue.
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