i've SilkTestRuntime installed on a seperate machine to where i wrote my tests.
I've enabled java extensions for the runtime through the Enxtension Enabler on the start menu option, and from Runtime/extensions.
My jre/jdk has copied over the SilkTest_Java3.jar and the swt jar into my jde/lib/ext location.
I've also copied over the two swt eclipse plugins into this location that silk needs to recognise swt objects.
I've got my accessibility.properties in jre/lib location.
I set my JAVA_HOME to this jre and launch my eclipse application.
When i execute my test plan, i can set my javaMinWin active, but it does not recognise the contents such as the JavaSwtMenu object.
I can see the agent has javaex.dll loaded.
C:\WINDOWS\System32 has the qapjarex.dll and qapjconn.dll copied over.
My registry has an entry for AppInit_DLLS set to qaphooks.dll.

Any ideas what is left to configure to get my window contents visible?