Hi everybody, I was wondering if anybody had some insight to a problem that i'm facing. On one version of the product i'm using silk to test tables are recognized fine. But the developers have changed table tags, the table is still there but we now use <th> tags instead of <tr> for the header and we also have <tbody>

Silk defines a table as follows:

Definition of a table

For SilkTest, the definition of a table in HTML is:

a table with 2 or more rows (specified with the <tr> tag in the page source)

where at least 1 row has 2 or more columns (specified via the <td> tag in the page source)

A single <td> with a colspan >1 does not qualify as 2 or more columns.
If a table with insufficient dimensions is nested inside other tables, then its parent tables will not be seen as HtmlTables even if they themselves have sufficient dimensions.
If a table does not meet this definition, SilkTest does not recognize it as a table. For example, if a table is empty (meaning that it has no rows or columns) and you attempt to select a row by using: table.SelectRow (1, TRUE, FALSE) you will get an error message saying E_WINDOW_NOT_FOUND, when you might expect to see a message such as E_ROW_INDEX_INVALID instead.

Does anybody know how I could map the new tags to the old ones in Silk so that silk can see the new tables?