I have been away from Silk test for a while... The last version I used is 5.0.3.

I found SILK to be great when testing applications that were not web based but I found it to be frustrating when testing IE 5. The only real problem I had was broken down to the fact that the agent would go out to lunch after a random amount of reloads.

I setup a test case that would simply hit reload 10000 times... SILK would make it thru about 100 reloads before the agent hung. I put a Sleep(30) Between reloads.

I setup the same test on Win runner and it made it thru 100000 Reloads [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

Did anyone else see this on older versions of silk? Does anyone see it now? And how do you recover if the agent itself goes off to never never land? (Besides killing it by hand)