Hi All!!!
Need some help on Silk Bean configuration on HP-UX as i amew to SilkBean.

I have done the initial steps like copying silktestjava3.jar and accesibility .properties to the ext and lib folders of the jvm resply.then exported class path.I get an "App registered" but below thati get the following error
$ JAVA_PATH/java segue.server.SilkBean &
$ Waiting for a connection - 2966
Connected Socket[addr=/,port=4298,localport=2966]
SilkBeanInputThread: IOException null
Connected Socket[addr=/,port=4303,localport=2966]
Connected Socket[addr=/,port=55322,localport=2966]
App registered - Application console
ClientThread: Exception -> java.lang.NullPointerException
at segue.server.SilkBean.writeOptFlag(SilkBean.java:2 80)
at segue.server.QAPClientInputThread.run(SilkBean.jav a:1165"

In the script i va e used APP_start to start my application .My JAVA applictaion opens but then nothing futher happens like file ->Pick->Exit.
When i check for the Window Declartion it identifies the main java window alone.it does not recognise the child windows.(To be clear if my application is notepad it recognises it as the main window but not what is inside like file menu).have anyone come accross this situation.Pls mail me any further initial steps.
I am using SilkTest 7.6....