Silk 5.0: new Browser.OnLoadPage() method

Not well highlight, nor correctly documented in online help,
is a new Browser.OnLoadPage() method. It works in conjunction
with Browser.LoadPage() to allow the test engineer to
gain control of the page loading process and deal with
any number of special splash screens, video clips, dialogs
unique to the loading of the page, etc.

Essentially Browser.LoadPage() has been changed to accept
either a STRING or a WINDOW object as its first parameter
(it used to just accept a STRING). When a WINDOW object
is passed, it must contain a window.sURL variable--containing
the page's static url--AND if it contains its own
OnLoadPage() method then Browser.LoadPage() calls it, thereby
allowing (each) WINDOW page to handle/dismiss/accept/etc. its
own unique dialogs/splash screens/etc.

This is a very cool, and much needed, enhancement to

Because online help for the Browser.OnloadPage() method is
currently incorrect I recommend that you carefully read and
review both the Browser.LoadPage() and Browser.OnLoadPage()
methods in the $Silk5.0/Extend/ file, where
$Silk5.0 is the directory in which Silk's partner.exe file
is installed.

- fyi, Terry Horwath
The Carl Group