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    How to Ignore a Container Class?

    [-] CustomWin Panels
    .msw tag "[FXWindow]FXSplitter5"
    [-] CustomWin splitter1
    .msw tag "[FXWindow]FXSplitter1"
    [-] CustomWin BL
    .msw tag "[FXWindow]FXVerticalFrame1"
    [-] CustomWin FXSplitter1
    .msw tag "[FXWindow]FXSplitter1"
    [-] CustomWin Layers
    .msw tag "[FXWindow]Layers"
    [-] CustomWin FXHorizontalFrame1
    .msw tag "[FXWindow]FXHorizontalFrame1"
    [-] CustomWin FXDockTitle1
    .msw tag "[FXWindow]FXDockTitl"
    [-] CustomWin FXTabBookLocal2
    .msw tag "[FXWindow]FXTabBookLocal2"

    I need some help to shorten my lines. Anyone knows how to skip or ignore everything in the middle of the above example (between the lines)? I have already tried Ignore [FXWindow] but it ignores everything beside the main window. This [FXWindow] is used in every single line.

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    Re: How to Ignore a Container Class?

    Investigate GetStyleBits (). This might help you to class map the FXWindow objects to different real classes.

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    Re: How to Ignore a Container Class?


    Goto Record/Classes in silktest and uncheck the checkbox "Show all classes" at the lower left hand corner of the Record Class Dialog window and try recording the window decl.

    I hope this will solve your query.


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    Re: How to Ignore a Container Class?

    You can filter out unnecessary container classes through SilkTest's class mapping functionality. Go to Options->Class Map. Enter the name of your unecessary container class and under the Standard Class pull-down menu select Ignore, then click the Add button.

    Once completed you can either re-record your windows declarations (and the ignored classes will not appear) or manually remove all the objects of the class(es) you set to ignore.

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    Re: How to Ignore a Container Class?

    Oops, I just finished reading your posting. Yea your best bet is to incorporate style bits into your class mapping. Instead of just typing in the class name, type in the style bit and style mask associated with the classes you want to ignore. For example map "FXWindow,0x0023,0x0023" to the Ignore class



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