Hi All,

I am new to SilkTest. We have a small "Spring/JSP/Dojo" based web-application which we are trying to automate test using Silk.

We have different environments DEV, TEST, STAGE & PROD. One of the requirement is to run Silk against each environment after a release is made. We had recroded the testcases against DEV environment so, the Window state, URLs etc. are for the DEV env.

I am looking for different options how i can achive this with a longterm scalability structure in mind.

One easy option that i found is to use "BROWSERLOCATION" and specify Browser.LoadPage(PAGE1_URL,"","") in each testcase. Here i can control the creation of PAGE1_URL with the server that i want using a constant. But, its not scalable as we add more pages and more complex scenarios my list of constants would increase.

thank you