Please let me know if anyone out there has had any success using the IBM JRE. If anyone out there is testing against WebSphere, you are bound to run into this soon.

We recently converted our Java Application to use the IBM JRE 1.5. IBM requires this if you want to be able to connect to WebSphere as well as have workload management and fail-over.

We were unsuccessful at having SilkTest see anything in our application below the Java Main Window or Dialog boxes. It is not seeing any of the swing objects. We tried SilkTest 6.5 as well as 8.0.

For our WebLogic application, we were very happy to see the old SilkTest 6.5 run like a top with Sun’s 1.5 jre even though it was not supported by that release.

We are not sure if IBM’s JRE is the cause of our problem or something else went wrong during the conversion. Segue/Borland’s support was no help and even though we escalated this issue with them they simply keep stating, “not supported, no plans to support”. We pay them a lot of money for maintenance and I don’t think we have ever seen anything in return for it. We were hoping Borland would shake things up but it looks like its worse instead of better.