I am getting a strange Problem.

I have a Web Browser control window which is the result of invoking a exe.

I was able to record the window if i open Record window declarations and then invoke the exe. if i do the otherway like invoke the exe and open record Window decalarions it is not recording why? Any problem in loading the ext?

Even it recorded the screen as a BrowserChild, when i am running the script i am getting a error as Window not found , if i close that window and invoke using my script.But it is invoking the exe correctly and i am getting the screen on my desktop.

If i record using the 1st way open the record window declarations and invoke the exe and run the script to execute some commands on that screen it is working. Why it is not working if i cloe the window and invoke using the script? I am using a option file to save the ioptions setting also.

Am I missing some this? Do I need to do any other setup?

Thanks in advance.