Hi All,

I have a scenario as below

1) I have number of windows in my web application.
2) Inorder to perform an action like clicking on a button or htmllink etc I need to have that object under the window declaration in the Frame file.
3) Instead of having a different declaration for each Window in the Frame file i used a regular expression so that i will have only one Window declaration in the frame.inc file.
4) But for the objects i add them to the cart whenever i find that it is missing from the frame.inc file.

1) Is it possible to add an object on the fly to the frame.inc file???
2) Will it be possible to declare a class as follows
[-] winclass Link : HtmlLink
[ ] property Name
[ ] property URL
[-] VOID setName(STRING Name)
[ ] this.Name=Name
[-] VOID click()
[ ] @(this.Name).Click()
and instanstiate it in the code whenever i come across a new object upon which i need to perform an action?? If so can some one please give a sample code.

I hope i made the scenario clear and expect that i will definitely get some help.

thanks in advance
Ravi Kiran