I need to see Browser components inside Outlook, for example Outlook uses Internet Explorer to display html mails.
More precisely I need to test an Outlook add-in that is embedded as Internet Explorer inside some Outlook window.

Here is what I'm getting through Window Declarations...:

<font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>
[+] msw multitag "[AfxWndA]Subject:"
[ ] "[AfxWndA]#1"
[ ] "[AfxWndA]$4159"
[+] StaticText MessageText
[+] multitag "Message"
[ ] "#1"
[ ] "$0"
[-] CustomWin AfxWndW1
[+] msw multitag "[AfxWndW]#1"
[ ] "[AfxWndW]$2748"
[-] CustomWin InternetExplorer_Server1
[-] msw multitag "[Internet Explorer_Server]#1"
</pre><hr />

Internet Explorer_Server is what represents Browser inside the window. I tried to map that object to BrowserPage but no luck. I can only see that BrowserChild object than but nothing inside.
I don't know what to do to make those Browser objects appear.
Please help.