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    silk test datadriven test examples

    pls send me the data driven test of siltest
    how many ways we can do the data driven test by using silk test,pls give send me the datadriven for
    username :
    password :

    and for some caluculations also

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    Re: silk test datadriven test examples

    any examples?
    I actually need a simple code for testing C# web application where you loggin to the system, enter some data, submit, verify.

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    Re: silk test datadriven test examples

    You can do three ways.

    1) You can use .pln file by passing parameters
    2) Beginning of the script Declare variables and assign value to them and use them in you script
    3) You can get value from Excel or Access database assign them into a variables beginning of the script and use them in you script

    <u>Example for 2 scenario </u>

    <font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>
    String UserId=”Prashant”
    String Pwd=”Patel”


    </pre><hr />

    <u>Example for 3 scenario</u> you need to follow the same steps in scenario 2 but First you need to get UserId and Pwd Information from Excel file or Access database then assign to UserId and Pwd.
    Prashant Patel

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    Re: silk test datadriven test examples

    You can even use a simple text file or ini file as
    input file to read the testcase data.

    1. Define a record.
    2. Use FileReadValue() function to read the record from text file
    3. Use the record.value as your testcase data

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    Re: silk test datadriven test examples

    It would be thank full if any body knows to insert data in to the table through silk.
    I tried with
    INSERT INTO table name(Column name,column name) VALUES ("x","y").
    But this INTO statement is not working( I Guess).Please clarify me.

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    Re: silk test datadriven test examples

    Read up on the DB_* functions in the helptext, then post your code if it still doesn't work.


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    Re: silk test datadriven test examples

    [ ] STRING sConnectStringInsert
    [ ] HANDLE hDBInsert
    [ ] HANDLE hBufferInsert
    [ ] sResultFile = "D:\Ajit\Results.xls"
    [ ] sConnectStringInsert = "DSN=Segue DDA Excel;FIRSTROWHASNAMES=1;ReadOnly=False;DBQ={sResu ltFile}"
    [ ] HANDLE hDBInsert = DB_Connect (sConnectStringInsert)
    [ ] STRING sSQLInsert = "INSERT INTO `Sheet1$` ( Start_Time , End_Time ) VALUES ('{sStartTime}','{sEndTime}');"
    [ ] HANDLE hBufferInsert = DB_ExecuteSQL(hDBInsert, sSQLInsert)
    [ ] DB_FinishSql (hBufferInsert)
    [ ] DB_Disconnect (hDBInsert)

    You will have to Name the columns in Excel with the value mention in the INTO section, here it is ("Start_Time, "End_Time") .
    Try this and let us know.



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