Hi All,
I am currently working on a Web BAsed Application (Documentum), the UI of this Application in divided in to Four Frames.

The problem i am facing is that in one of the frames the Objects like the Text Box or combo box tend to have different Parent BrowserChild.

Eg. once i login to the application,

when i do a Windows Indentifier on the object its gives the following


attimes the same thing gives


if i navigate the application and again come to the home Page the same object shows
WinApp.Tagwin.BrowserChild("zyf").BrowserChild("fd g").HtmlText("ABC")

Hence i can not rely on the Windows Declaration for the Object in the frame file as i will have to possibly define the object in all the windows it appears in and also check in the code which window exists and then use it against that, which is very cumbersome and not feasible

the only thing which i see common here is that the object has
WinApp.Tagwin in its identification from then onwards it could be part of the Tagwin or any other Window under neath the TagWin.

Can some one suggest me how do I solve this problem??

one of the ways I thought of taking care of this was to create a function which will return me the lowest level BrowserChild window in the Window Passed as parameter to it.

Window winlastlevel
winlastlevel = GetLastLevelWindow(WinApp.Tagwin)

and then refer the object as

is there a function which can give me the last level of BrowserChild inside any other BrowserChild window