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    Can SilkTest automation test mobile device?


    We are moving to developing software for mobile device. The testing will involve many things. It will test the how the Server response, Mobile performance. It will involve many user cases.

    At here, I wonder the SilkTest can support Mobile device test or not.

    I will install some mobile Emulators for test. Can the SilkTest record my activities on the Mobile Emulators?

    Does there anybody have such experience?
    Please advice!

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    Re: Can SilkTest automation test mobile device?

    If you are trying to do server performance testing (server response to lots of simulated traffic), then you want a tool more like OpenSTA. It can record any HTTP/HTTPS traffic and replay it (times) as many users as you like using multiple distributed client simulators. SilkTest would not be a good choice for this in my opinion.

    For testing the mobile device itself, SilkTest is again not a good choice. It sounds like you would be doing embedded testing, which will probably require the same tools that the developers use to develop the embedded code in the first place.

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    Re: Can SilkTest automation test mobile device?

    It can be done but it's not easy. I use Textract with SilkTest and it does the job. We wrote our own wrapper around the Textract dll and then added it to SilkTest. Tectract is an OCR application that will scrape the text off a render screen. Good Luck, Larry

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    Re: Can SilkTest automation test mobile device?

    Openwave develops mobile emulators, u cna try them with Silk Test. I am not sure abt functional but load testing can certainly e done by Silk Perfprmer and Load Runner

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    Re: Can SilkTest automation test mobile device?

    check this link for testquest pro to test mobile applications http://www.testquest.com/

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    Re: Can SilkTest automation test mobile device?

    Also if you have an embeded version of Agent for your Emulator, you can also use SilkTest to do the automation work.
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