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    Does Silk support JRE 1.4.2_07 for Java Applet testing?

    I have been testing a java applet in IE using JRE 1.4.2_06, however I updated to _07 to try and see if an issue I has would get resolved.

    Silk does not seem to work when testing applets for _07, has anyone tested Java Applets using _07.

    My guess is it's not Supported.. (Surprise, Surprise) but I don't think _06 was supported technically either.

    Pleas Help

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    Re: Does Silk support JRE 1.4.2_07 for Java Applet testing?

    I got it to work.
    I had to copy a file.
    accessibility.properties for _06 to _07 JRE\lib folder

    Not sure where / who created this file yet?
    Does anyone know about this file? Contents are

    # The following line specifies the assistive technology classes
    # that should be loaded into the Java VM, when the AWT is initailized.
    # One has to put this file in the JAVAHOME: jre\lib directory, where
    # other property files reside.
    # Note: the line below cannot end the file (there must be at
    # a minimum a blank line following it).



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