Hi there,

we're testing a Swing GUI (Java 1.5, SilkTest 7.6) and have serious trouble dealing with the headers (= row Nr 0) of a standard JavaJFCTable. Here's the phenomenon:

1) The table's columns change dynamically, but GetColumns() always sees the SAME columns, no matter what the table looks like. Our developers are quite baffled by this - they don't know where SilkTest could get the information about the "invisible" columns from!

2) When I perform "Record>Window Declarations" and put the mouse on a normal table cell, SilkTest sees the "JFCTable". When I put the mouse on a header cell instead, SilkTest doesn't see the table any more (it gives "JavaMainWin", like as if the mouse were in the background).

3) "ClickCol(2)" clicks the 2nd column, but not the header but the cell 1 below instead (=row Nr 1).

All in all, SilkTest seems to have trouble recognizing & dealing with the header cells (which are used e.g. for sorting the table). We tried to record other Swing tables in other apps as well but get similar results and no solution or workaround up to now.

I doubt that this is a general problem with SilkTest and Swing tables since there are so many SilkTest users working with Swing... So what's going on here? And what can be done?

Thanks a lot,