I am currently trying to stress test an application (not web based) which during a certain repetative test causes an access violation to occur from the .exe. I have set up a testcase which loops the test scenario in order to create the exception & avoid sitting doing the test manually.
However whilst I can recreate the access violation manually , when I run it through silktest the error does not occur?

Does anyone know why this may be happening?

I think the access violation may be being caused by the allocation/freeing of memory. From previous experience of debugging code occasionally using debug dlls memory issue cannot be reproduced due to buffers on array etc being increased in size. Does silktest do anything like this which may be causing the issue to be hidden?

I'd be really grateful for any input as one of the things we hoped to do with silktest was run long repetative stress testing on our software & it would be good to know in advance if potential memory issues like above cannot be re-produced under test.