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    Unintializing the variables

    How to uninitialize all the global variables declared in a test script. I am using 'list of string', 'string' variables in my script. Can anyone tell me how to do this

    Thanks & Regards,

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    Re: Unintializing the variables

    Write a function where all of these will be set to NULL or {}.

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    Re: Unintializing the variables

    Hi Ramrati,

    I'm not sure, what is your needs.
    I say for: "list of string lsString":

    for var=1 to ListCount (lsString)

    With regards,

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    Re: Unintializing the variables

    i declare the global variables in MainUtility.inc file. just don't forget to include this file in to your script:

    use MainUtility.inc

    // script body



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