Hi All,

I'm in the process of developing a framework based on predefined keywords. I've defined keywords like Click (to click the link), Action (for form controls like text box, combo box) etc.
I'm using like :
Browser.BrowserChild(sTitle).HTMLTextField(sCtrlNa me).Select(sCtrlText) where sTitle is the title of the web page, sCtrlName is the name of the control and sCtrlText is the value to enter in the html text control. I will update the sTitle variable whenever i click on some link or click on some buttons. Like,
CurrentWindow = Browser.GetActive()
CurrentTitle = CurrentWindow.sCaption

Now, i have couple of questions. First, Am i going in the right direction? Is there any other nice way of doing this? Second, I'm facing problem with GetActive(). I'm getting the error as
[ ] *** Error: Internal error in agent - Child not found
[ ] Occurred in WindowFind
I'm getting the title properly for the first time and i'm getting this error during the second time.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Nivetha.