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    New Tester looking for guidance

    Anyone out there willing to help us review our first project... We have to design/plan testing for a payroll application. We have four days to do it, and we need test plans, test specs, execution and review to include progress.

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    Re: New Tester looking for guidance

    Yikes. Sounds like a helluva schedule. Typical software planning... "Don't worry, be crappy"

    It sounds like you are going to have to prepare and present unproofed, untested concepts so I would assert that SilkTest is not really a concern at this point, rather the ways to verify 'working' & 'broken', the configuration and results presentation design (if any), and test flow pattern design (test this w/ this os as this user, then this user, then this os, then change to product 2, etc.)
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    Re: New Tester looking for guidance

    Firstly I would say SilkTest or any other automation tool is not going to help you in 4 days.
    I would however agree with Chris, in that timeframe all you will be able to put together is basic information on test the product.
    I would start looking for templates to help. But bear in mind I would stress that these be used as stop gap help rather than a solution as each product requires investigation and involvement from the test team from the start.
    I would also talk to the test manager and pm as to where they got the figure of 4 days to create the type of test documentation you are talking about.

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    Re: New Tester looking for guidance

    Hold on guys, "we have 4 days to do it" - What is "it"? planning or testing?

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    Re: New Tester looking for guidance

    Hrmm...I wonder if the sense of urgency is still there given that the original post was made four and a half months ago. I'm guessing not...especially since the original poster did not come back with any follow-up (questions/updates/etc.)
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