HI All,
I am testing a Java Applet launched thro a web page.
I was able to view the window as JavaMainWin class on an NT machine with JRE 1.3.
However, when I inatalled JRE 1.4, the window is being recognised as a DialogBox.
I have tried all suggestions given in the previous posts on this related topics both here and on Segue forums and have also tried all steps in the Silktest Help guide.
Right from putting the correct Jar file(Silktest_Java3.jar for JRE 1.4) in Java\JRE\lib\ext and updating the ClassPath variable to updating the dlls.

I then removed JRE 1.4 and again it was being recognised as JavaMainWin with JRE 1.3.
I am using Silktest 6.5.

Appreciate all your help.