Hello all,

Any one using SilkTest for testing Oracle forms application?

1) SilkTest recognizes the objects as
CustomWins. In the help file it is suggested to capture the classes using CaptureAllClasses ()
2) I successfully captured the classes but the captured classes doesn't have useful methods/properties to work on the objects. I also change the class inhertiance from "Control" to "Menu", "Table" etc...Even after doing that the standard methods doesn't work on the objects. Play back also fails..

Any ideas or suggestions?

I know that SilkTest doesn't support OracleForms apps out of box. Are there any prior version of SilkTest which supports Oracle forms apps?

I need to recommend a tool for the Oracle forms apps.

We are already using SilkTest for testing Java, .net and Webapps..I really don't want to recommend other tools like QTP which I heard that works with ORacle forms apps?

Thank you all,
SilkTest rules..