The application i am automating, has a listview. I am trying to access the contents of this list view.
But, only contents I can get are - the Current selection and the focus information. The contents are shown as ";;;;;"

I realised that the problem is because, the list view is actually a 'virtual listview'

(Here is the MSDN link explaining what a virtual list view is

To summarize - virtual list views are used when there is a huge dataset to be associated with it to increase the performance. In a virtual list view, the only information of the list view that are available are - the item selection and focus information. In our application, depending on the item selection, the contents of a record set is accessed and displayed. Data is not directly associated with list box.

But, in my test scripts, i need to search this listview for a particular data etc etc. What is the work around to access data in the virtual list view?