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    DHTML, HTC, IE Behaviors

    I'm trying to test an application that looks like a client/server app but is in truth a web app. When you access the URL the window opens as a dialog box but none of its objects are recognized by SilkTest.

    Dev says they are using html only -- no third party objects nor .NET goodies. When I told them I wanted to search a discussion forum they said I could use keywords 'DHTML', 'HTC', or 'IE Behaviors'.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated...

    ~ Fred

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    Re: DHTML, HTC, IE Behaviors

    Hi Fred!
    Just refer to my comment for the topic, "Problem with ViewLink Technology". Can you try setting the same Extension details as given in the comment with the same HTC and HTM files? As of my experience, we can use HTC components with atleast 6.0 and 7.0.
    Coming to your problem, according to your devs, it seems that they used HTC for their purpose. So, the comments I gave in the said topic may be helpful to you. All the best!!
    Sreedhar Puttagunta
    Mobile: 919959412347

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    Re: DHTML, HTC, IE Behaviors

    Thanks. The thread you mention can be found here: http://www.qaforums.com/cgi-bin/foru...=003431#000000

    Unfortunately that didn't help me... Did you have to create any new extensions in addition to these settings for IE 6 DOM?

    ~ Fred

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    Re: DHTML, HTC, IE Behaviors

    I've not created any Extensions!
    Sreedhar Puttagunta
    Mobile: 919959412347

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    Re: DHTML, HTC, IE Behaviors

    We stumbled onto the solution, in case you want it for future reference. Apparently the problem is that the URL pointed directly to the HTA file, which puts a wrapper around the browser application. This is likely why it was seen by SilkTest as a client/server application because Silk most likely detected this wrapper as the MainWin. Our current process of launching the application is to direct the URL a few folders up in the path and use a redirect to the HTA file. Visibly the difference is only seen in the icon at the upper left corner of the AUT -- before it was custom and now it shows the IE standard 'e' with a white page background. Note that now I am able to get great recognition of the page objects.

    ~ Fred



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