Hi all .. it's me again
I have written up a shareware package that does what I consider to be an excellent highly flexible
text file comparison. This utility employs regular expressions and is stand alone. You simply place the regular expressions (or simple high level commands like comments or index control), in the benchmark file. This will allow you to match target files with timestamps, dates, and runtime info that is unimportant and variable.

You can find it on: http://www.betasoft.com /
Under Miscellaneous .. File Validation Utility. You have a free evaluation period of 30 days and I think that many of you would find this valuable.

When you unzip this package place it under a directory not in your use path and do not make a subdirectory named fvalidate (it already does that when you unzip). Then follow the simple instructions in the read_me.doc file.

Right now the primary support group for Segue is Win NT users and Win95/98 users with silk 5.0

There are some things we can do to get everyone up and running but I would need some people to beta test the implementation, before I started supporting it.

I hope many of you try it, like it, and use it. Please feel free to contact me:
rick_weth@yahoo.com about questions concerns, license keys .. etc