HI !
iam posting this as a new query.
yes! harshil , i want to know all the setting only in the runtime of plan. otherwise what happ ,we have to go manually into the site admin page ,and then only we get to know, what and all are the settings configured in the site by CSA person. according to that we mark in the plan, but i want something like plan should automatically go to the site and find all the settings, and according to the setting ,it should run bunch of testcase from the plan,which i have grouped, i have told in the previous post about the grouping. it's easy in the script file(.t).There is only the problem of flexibility of plan.and i have to run from the plan only.

if attribute is helpful in this case, then plz give me example. if u want to ask more clearly than plz let me know, i'll try.
navin thanx for the ans, but i think it's might be helpful in script file(.t), i need the help in plan. can i call any function in plan , which can call all the testcases which r grouped , and run according to the validation.

Thanx all of u
for a great help:-)