we have some problem when recording a test case in QAP 4 for OSF/Motif.

Two cases:
1. The first time a dialogbox is created from the mainwindow everything works fine, but the following times it records a DialogBox.restore() method and we gets the following error when the script is runned:

*** Error: Window type mismatch - Expecting a window with a RestoreBox

The scripts works perfectly if the dialogbox.Restore() rows are removed from the script.

2. When recording a test on a vertical Scale-Control the script totally freezes when the scale.SetPosition(int) function is called. The only way to make it continue is to move it manually. The script then completes with an error: Value can't be reached. Everything works perfectly with a horizontal scale, though they both are declared as Scale in the test frame and the method they calls is SetPosition.

We've tested both with several applications and the same errors appears in all of them. If you have any suggestions, please let us know