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    Silk "misses" HtmlText items when clicking.

    We are having a problem testing an app. It has a menu bar down the left side where various options can be selected. These options are displayed as HtmlText. Until recently all was well but now a border has been placed around the entire app to centre it on the page. As a result of this Silk no longer clicks these items correctly but now clicks some distance down and to the right.

    There was also a button which was being missed but DoClick has solved that problem.

    Does anyone know what can be done for HtmlText items?

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    Re: Silk "misses" HtmlText items when clicking.

    You might want to try adding coordinates in the Click method, and see how that works. Something small that would be inside the rect of the text.

    HtmlText("Blah").Click (1, 2, 2)

    I had a similar issue with SilkTest clicking just slightly off a link, and after making the change it worked fine.



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