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    Re: Running only selected tests from a suite

    What I do not understand is the testcases that have passed on one machine need not have passed on the others and also the same for the failed testcases. Then why do you want to extend your testcases marked on all machines? They would be different for each machine.

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    Running only selected tests from a suite

    We have a number of scripts each with a large number of testcases. When we start a run of testing, we run those scripts in a suite serially on several different computers. Our suite looks something like this...

    [computer1] script1.t
    [computer1] script2.t
    [computer2] script1.t
    [computer2] script2.t
    [computer3] script1.t
    [computer3] script2.t

    Once the test is done on all machines, we go over the results, and set a custom attribute in the testplan to either Pass or Fail. We would like to run on subsequent tests only those tests that are marked "Pass". I cannot figure out how to accomplish this for multiple computers.

    To put it in another way, I would like the functionality of the testplan - to mark by query all "Pass" tests, then run the marked tests - to work on several computers at a time. Right now, in order to do this, we have to use the testplan for one computer at a time. This is bothersome, especially since we would like all testing to be done overnight.

    Any suggestions?



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    Re: Running only selected tests from a suite

    True. Right now, if a test is failing on one system, we don't run it on any of them. I suppose we could create an attribute for each testing computer, and whether it is passing or failing on it. But then, how would we get those test sets running from a suite? Since a suite can only call script files to be run, it will run every testcase in a named script, and we can't separate the passing from failing.

    My only thought right now (and I shudder to think of all the work it would entail) is to separate every testcase into its own script file, then we could run a suite with each test individualized for each machine. Like so:

    [computer1] Testcase1.t
    [computer1] Testcase3.t
    [computer1] Testcase4.t

    [computer2] Testcase2.t
    [computer2] Testcase4.t
    [computer2] Testcase5.t

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    Re: Running only selected tests from a suite

    Any suggestions? I'm really hesitating to split all my testcases into individual script files. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]



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