Pretty weird bug!!
I have 2 images.

When I click on ImageA, a new page is load and the ImageB is at the EXACTLY the same position.

Problem :
When I click on ImageA the page correctly reload, and ImageB is correctly display on the page.
But when I try to check the URL this is not the good one.

At the end I do something like this :
This return the URL of my file :
example :
http://imageA.gif or http://imageB.gif.

Even if the imageB is display I still get imageA as URL.

More strange :
When I click on ImageA, the mouse pointer go over the imageA. On the reload of the page the pointer is still there.
If I change the mouse place, everything is ok!!!

Anyone understand why ??
Anyone know how to resolve this ?

I will also open a case at segue.